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Exquisite Japanese cuisine at
Hotel Senkei

The Tradition of Dining at a Ryokan
In the traditional style of a Ryokan, you will be served your breakfast and dinner in your room. We provide a prearranged menu of superb Japanese cuisine which changes seasonally.

Remember to abide by the rules of the house and show respect to the chef, try not to be late for any dining occasion. If you know you will be late for dinner we would be grateful, if you will inform us. A superb dinner experience is waiting for you!

Room service details at Hotel Senkei and Yamagaso
Rooms are only available in Japanese style. The bedding is futon. During your stay, our staff will come to your room for the following services:

- We will serve you tea in your room when you arrive.
- We will bring your dinner and breakfast to your room.
- After dinner, we will prepare the Futon bedding in your room while you are bathing or walking around.
- In the morning, we will fold and put away your Futon bedding.

Thank you very much - domo arigato gozaimasu

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