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Senkei  Yamagaso  Senkei Plaza - hotel in hakone

Hotel Senkei


Senkei Plaza - hotel in hakone

Accommodation in the traditional ryokan (Japanese inn) style. Hakone Hotel Senkei is the perfect place to experience a ryokan in Hakone, Japan. Simplicity at its best! Beautifully-designed guest rooms with authentic Japanese interiors that create a truly relaxing ambience.
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An upscale, luxurious Japanese ryokan in the "hanare" (individual cottage) style. Every guest room is an individual, private building. An excellent place to truly enjoy the unique sensual pleasures of a Hakone ryokan in complete privacy. The peaceful, beautifully maintained Japanese gardens blend harmoniously with the architecture of the ryokan, making your stay that much more memorable.
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A convenient western-style hotel in Hakone for travelers on a budget who wish to visit the Hakone area and see Mount Fuji or enjoy onsen (hot springs). Please note that, unlike the ryokan-style accommodation of Hotel Senkei and Senkei Annex Yamagaso, Senkei Plaza Inn does not include the service for meals to be served in the guests' room.
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Hotel Senkei Yamagaso Senkei Plaza Inn
Room type
  Japanese style Japanese style Twin
2 Beds & Tatami Room
Breakfast only Ο Ο Ο
Dinner & breakfast Ο Ο Χ
No meals Ο Ο Ο
Hot Springs
Grand public bath Ο Ο Ο
Open-air public bath Ο Ο Ο
Private bath Χ Ο Χ
  Average High-grade Reasonable

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