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Hakone Hotel

Thanks to it's soothing hot springs, numerous sightseeing spots and gorgeous natural scenery (including some wonderful views of Mount Fuji) Hakone is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Japan for Japanese and foreign visitors alike.
We operate several types of hotel in Hakone, which are gathered under the umbrella of Hakone Senkei and provide the full range of accommodation options, from Western-style hotel to luxurious ryokan. Whatever your requirements, with Hakone Senkei you are sure to find a hotel in Hakone that will be right for you!




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I'm Kaori, the okami (owner) of Hakone Senkei, and
I would like to welcome you to our hotel in Hakone.
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SENKEI Plaza Inn

Hotel Annex YAMAGASO


Hotel Senkei


Senkei Plaza - hotel in hakone

Accommodation in the traditional ryokan (Japanese inn) style. Hakone Hotel Senkei is the perfect place to experience a ryokan in Hakone, Japan. Simplicity at its best! Beautifully-designed guest rooms with authentic Japanese interiors that create a truly relaxing ambience.
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An upscale, luxurious Japanese ryokan in the “hanare” (individual cottage) style. Every guest room is an individual, private building. An excellent place to truly enjoy the unique sensual pleasures of a Hakone ryokan in complete privacy. The peaceful, beautifully maintained Japanese gardens blend harmoniously with the architecture of the ryokan, making your stay that much more memorable.
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A convenient western-style hotel in Hakone for travelers on a budget who wish to visit the Hakone area and see Mount Fuji or enjoy onsen (hot springs). Please note that, unlike the ryokan-style accommodation of Hotel Senkei and Senkei Annex Yamagaso, Senkei Plaza Inn does not include the service for meals to be served in the guests' room.
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Internet Service

Internet Service

The hotel has free WiFi internet access in the lobby area.
Hotel guests can use their own laptop, smart phone or tablet there for free.
The hotel also offer a PC in the hotel lobby, which hotel guests can use free of charge.



Notice on Volcanic Activity around Owakudani

Part of Hakone-machi around Owakudani area has been off-limits to visitors due to the increasing volcanic activity.

  • ・Hakone-yumoto area where our hotel is located has not been affected by the volcanic activity.
  • ・Our hotel is operating normally.
  • ・We have stable delivery of natural hot spring water from two separated sources of springs.
  • ・The distance between our hotel and Owakudani is approximately 18km/11.2miles (about 40 minutes by car).
  • ・You can easily access to major sightseeing spots around Hakone from Hakone-yumoto (Except for off-limits area).

Important Notice

  • ・Hakone Ropeway operation has been temporally suspended due to recent restrictions on access to the Owakudani area.


We were awarded "Kanto Region Inn Department of Awards" of in 2014.


Yamagaso was on TV!

Senkei's annex, Yamagaso, was selected as a "Japan Best Iiyado" (nice hotel) in 2013! You can watch the introduction movie on their website.
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Japanese Experience

[ 写経 Shakyo (Hand-copying stura) 1000yen/30min ]

Hand copying sutra is called "Shakyo" in Japanese.
The practitioners just trace each stroke of the Chinese characters on the paper which have already been printed out from the backward.
It is not so difficult to trace them but requires us concentrations.
Just like practicing a meditation, copying sutra also brings us peace of mind.

[ 座禅 Zazen 1000yen/30min (minimum 3 people) ]

meditation for self-knowledge

Zazen is a central practice of Zen Buddhism, a way to achieve tranquility of mind.
The goal is to gain fresh perspective on yourself and focus your thoughts in a certain way.
Sitting still, breathing through your nose, and taking repeated deep breaths creates the sensation of purifying the mind.

[For reservation]

Call Senkei reception(dial 9) before 8pm, we will check with the temple(Hakone temple Fukujuin), whether this event can be held on the next day.

[Place] Hakone temple Fukujuin


Tokyo will host the 2020 Olympics!

Here in Japan we are very excited about the 2020 Olympics, and we look forward to welcoming visitors from all over the world in the coming years.

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